INI ADESANYA CPA PLLC's mission is to maximize our clientS' NET WOrtH

INI ADESANYA CPA,PLLC services concentrates on maximizing our client's net worth.

We do this using the following attributes:




We love what we do so we go above and beyond to meet clients' deadlines.

We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are compliant as we strive to maximize our clients' net worth.

We go above and beyond to complete client assignments in a timely manner.

We have been known to contact regulatory authorities -IRS,state franchise tax board ,secretary of states and state revenue board for clients' issues and continuously worked with these regulatory authorities until our clients' situation is resolved.

In addition to this,we look for areas where the client can increase their net worth even when the client does not know they exist.


Our team has various years of experience in various areas of US Taxation,International Taxation, accounting,auditing,financial reporting, financial consulting, management consulting. This experience gives the firm the ability to see the big picture in clients' situation.This knowledge also allows INI ADESANYA CPA ,PLLC to tackle complex issues;all which contributes to the success of both national and international clients in various industries.Through our experience,we are able to eliminate penalties/interest, reduce taxable income,removed liens and levys.We continue to work with clients' to streamline their business process removing areas of waste and redundancy which ultimately resulted in an increase in their profits to lead to an overall increase in the clients' net worth.



The right strategy is an important aspect of both US and International Taxation and various areas of accounting and finance. Interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code(IRC),the Treasury Regulations and the Internal Revenue Service publications,multistate tax regulation and the Tax treaty agreements and other tax regulations can impact clients' business tremendously.That is where strategy comes in. These regulations can give you various options which are of course correct but one choice can be more beneficial than the other.That is where INI ADESANYA CPA PLLC works to help clients choose the proper strategy based on their industry,their goals, and other factors.

Strategy is also important in accounting and consulting.Various rules and laws are correct but we look at which is more beneficial to the client working to fulfill our mission which is to increase their net worth.




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